About Babbage

Every great community needs mentorship. Babbage gets connections up-and-running. 🏃💨

Awesome communities start with great one-on-one relationships that blossom into strong networks. But what if you’re a solo designer, a student or someone without accessible, experienced peers nearby? What if you want to look for talented people beyond your existing networks or the same old conference crew?

Babbage is a low-hassle matching service that structures and schedules half-hour online feedback sessions for projects or career advice.

Babbage pairs news designers and developers up based on needs, skills, identities and experience levels. It encourages members to commit to a single half-hour session each week to help their peers with feedback via a Google Hangout. For those who need help, we hone feedback requests into structured formats with specific outcome goals to make the best use of everyone’s time.

With Babbage, we can grow stronger one-to-one relationships in our community, ensure that feedback sessions are productive and help designers around the world and at all experience levels get engaged.

Why 'Babbage'?

We named this platform after the famous working relationship between Charles Babbage, a computer science OG who originated the concept of a programmable computer, and Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer.

About Team Twin Peaks

Team Twin Peaks created Babbage at #SNDMakes in San Francisco 🌉 in April 2016. Babbage is a (slightly janky) prototype, but if you want to help make Babbage real, hit us up.

Team Twin Peaks, from left: Ted Han (backend bad-ass), Nicole Zhu (front-end slayer), Julia Smith (front-end slayer), Rebekah Monson (intern and water boy). (Dope photo bomb, courtesy Robert Simmon.) 😍